17 Dec

Turkish government makes room for new investors as Turkish economy is open economy which impact Turkey’s growth positively over the last decade and Turkey has growth potential among developing countries. In particular, Turkish government makes reforms and has an advantageous for demographic structure approximately 74.6 million because this involves in dynamic, skilled workforce, a stable political and economic environment. Thanks to the emerging markets, Turkey plays a crucial role in the global economy and world trade.

Turkey has a profitable geographical location and large domestic market. In regard to this, these conditions enable them to become global business location which enhances Turkey to become a center of operations for multinational companies. It tenders investors to have confidence and there lots of the privatization of state-owned companies which encourage investors to make an investors in order to increase the rate of FDI. Providing that policy-makers remove the barriers to foreign direct investment, Turkey will enhance in FD. However, Turkish government handles these problems. Thanks to incentives policies and tax regulations generate new working conditions for investors. In conformity with Article 4875 of foreign direct investment law, the principles contribute to encourage for foreign direct investments and this regulation implies to protect the rights of foreign investors, to raise foreign direct investments through established policies. In addition to this regulation, foreign investors shall be subject to equal treatment with domestic investors. Moreover, there are no transfers problem as foreign investors can freely transfer abroad which are net profits, dividends, proceeds from the sale or liquidation of all or any part of an investment, compensation payments, amounts arising from license, management and interest payments arising from foreign loans through banks or special institutions. Taking everything into account, Turkish government has reinforced investment in all industries by creating a conducive and competitive investment climate.

Turkish government prepares a law for investors in order to incentives indifferent kinds of sectors. There is rapidly growing economies because of trade and investment. Particularly, Turkey has many opportunities in many sectors which are energy, renewable energy, real estate and finance therefore, foreign investors should take advantage of these sectors.

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