11 Apr

Herdem Attorneys at Law is organizing a competition for law faculty students who are interested in combining the legal knowledge with corporate finance.

Admission Requirements: Applicants who are registered in to LLB, LLM or a LLD programme as of their application date will be allowed to submit their applications.

The applicants are expected to submit their reports on;

– A comparative analysis of Turkish legislation on private equities with the practices in Continental and Common Law countries
– An elaboration of legal risks pertaining the exit strategies of private equities
– An analysis of alternative arbitration methods with regard to the exit strategies of private equities

Application Process and the Competition Timeline: The applications will directly be conveyed to Ceki Bilmen, who is in charge of the competition project, through the e mail address cf2014@herdem.av.tr between the dates 15.04.2014-15.09.2014. During the application process information related with personal identity, university/faculty, seniority and contact details shall be provided. Following the initial application the applicants will be send the report template in 10 working days and they are expected to deliver their final reports until 31.11.2014 based on this template. The results will be announced on 09.01.2015.

The Award: The applicant who is going to take the first place will have the opportunity to attend a week long workshop on capital funds including the events in Harvard Business School in the United States

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