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Corona Outbreak: Defense Industry Researcher Training Program is Postponed due to COVID-19

02 April, 2020

Turkey’s Presidency of Defense Industries (“SSB”) recently stated that the Covid-19 outbreak, which has been declared as a pandemic by World Health Organization has started to show its effects on many industries worldwide and it requires many measures to be taken nationally. In this regard; the application, evaluation and all similar processes related to the Defense Industry Researcher Training Program (“the Program”) are postponed until May 1, 2020 due to the pandemic.

The Program is a researcher training program initiated by SSB in order to structure the participating company’s projects in line with medium and long-term research and development strategies to be carried out in prioritized areas determined by SSB. As of 2018, the Program includes 31 universities and 35 defense industry companies since it was first implemented with the cooperation protocols signed in October 2011. Students who receive postgraduate education within the scope of the Program, work on the project accepted in cooperated defense industry organizations and the researchers continue their education in universities while working on the project in the relevant industry organization under conditions and fields determined by the protocols of the Program.

The purpose of the program is; (i) in line with the priorities of the defense industry sector and with the guidance of the SSB, making the information transfer between defense industry companies and universities more systematic; (ii) structuring postgraduate dissertations at universities for the research and development (“R&D”) needs of companies and directing them to the priority areas of the defense industry; (iii) training of students who will receive postgraduate education as qualified R&D personnel in the field of defense with the opportunities provided by defense industry companies.


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