As per the Communique on the Amendment of the Communique on Registered Goods (“Communique”) published in the Official Gazette dated March 18, 2020 numbered 31072 the Ministry of Commerce added the export of ethyl alcohol, cologne, disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, meltblown fabric, which is mostly used in the production of masks and air filters, to the list of goods, which are subject to the pre-authorization of Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Export (“Ministry”) to prevent these goods to enter the black market due to the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. 

With the temporary provision added to the Communique, customs declarations for the goods in question will be recognized by the General Secretariat of the relevant exporters, following the preliminary approval of the Ministry. New changes on the Communique will not apply to goods that have been approved by the General Secretariat of the Exporters' Association before the publication of this amendment.