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As is known, turkish enegy sector has been in a liberalization process for a long time and compared to other energy markets, the electricity market is in the fore especially regarding the legislation. Recently, the eligible customer limit in electricity market has been decreased to 4500 kWh from 5000 kWh for a year within the Resolution of the Energy Market Regulatory Board in January 2014.

What is an eligible customer?

The term of “eligible customer” has entered into the Turkish Electricity Market Laws within the frame of the Eligible Customer Regulation in 2002. Accordingly, an eligible customer has been defined as a customer that is directly connected to the transmission system or that consumes more electricity energy than the limits stated in the legislation and that may determine his supplier. This limit was 9.000.000 kWh in 2002 for a year and has been reduced year for year. This limit is expected to be increased to 0 kWh until 2015. Accordingly, it is intended that all customers become eligible customers and the electricity distribution is opened to competition.

The electricity market opening for the eligible customers in the EU has begun within the Directive 96/92 EC that has been enacted in 1996. Since 2007, the European electricity market has been opened to all customers. The amendments in Turkish laws mentioned above has been implemented in accordance with these EU-Directives and the total adaptation will be provided after the repeal of limits for eligible customers.

The legal relationship between the supplier and the eligible customer is based on a bilateral agreement which may be drawn up freely by the parties. The most important target of eligible customers is to obtain the electricity energy for the lowest price. Due to these factors, the number of the private electricity suppliers have been increased and competition between these companies has been provided to a large extent.

Problems which may arise

One of the frequently asked questions by eligible customers is if the electricity energy supply may be interrupted or if the quality of the supplied energy may change, how the prices and reductions in the prices are calculated. Important is at this point, that these questions shall be clarified by the electricity suppliers.

How to be an electricity supplier?

Pursuant to the related legislation, each market activity is subject to the related license procedure. The conditions of a supplier license have been regulated by the related laws. Accordingly, the license procedures and conditions shall be fulfilled for this market activity.

The increase of eligible customers’ number in the electricity market will influence the electricity market positively. The increase of energy demand will increase the market competition and also the quality of the provided service. According to above mentioned information, after the removal of eligible customers’ limit as planned in 2015, the adaptation of Turkish electricity legislation to the EU-Directives will provided to a large extent.

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