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An Overview of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry, Tendency to Domestic Production

Turkey as a member of NATO and due to its geographic location has been allocated the highest funds from the budget to defence industry for many years. Today the total turnover of defence and aerospace industry is around USD 4,5 - 5,0 billion. In five year

18 November, 2013

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Risk, Risk Allocation, Risk Mitigation & How to Ensure Flexibility In Project Finance

Risk and the risk mitigation instruments have been assessed in order to ensure flexibility in the view of Project Sponsors and Project Company and these elements have been examined in detail according to project finance documental phases and project finan

13 November, 2013

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SLOT Applications in Turkish Civil Aviation Law

Principally, the Turkish civil aviation legislation is prepared by two authorities in Turkey: Directorate General of Civil (“DGCA”) and the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (“GDSAA”). DGCA regulates and ensures the development of th

09 November, 2013

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Liability of Air Carriers for Aviation Accidents

Due to technical developments and progress in international economic and political relations, air transportation has become the travel method of choice worldwide. However, despite these developments, the possibility of aviation accidents – and therefore

15 October, 2013

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Helicopters on the Rise: Development of Air Taxi Industry in Turkey

Developments in civil aviation in Turkey are accelerating year on year. New investment, new projects and an expansion in the volume of trade have led to increases in the number of airports, the number of passengers and the available means of air transport

01 October, 2013

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Rise In Sukuk Market Offers New Investment Opportunities

The Arabic term for Islamic securities, 'sukuk', is commonly used to refer to the Islamic equivalent of bonds. Such Islamic financial instruments provide the investor with a share of an asset and its cash flows and the risks involved without contravening

30 September, 2013

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New Directive on Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks in Turkey

Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the regulatory body of civil aviation in Turkey, has promulgated a new Directive on aircraft nationality and registration marks on 12 September 2014 aiming to meet the requirements of Annex-7 of ICAO that will be app

13 September, 2013

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Turkish Project Finance Perspective, Indirect guarantees in Project Finance: Take-or-pay contracts, throughput contracts and tolling contracts

Long term contracts with output purchasers are the source of cash flow by which the lenders may be paid. Take-or-pay contracts, throughput agreements and tolling agreements are in substance guarantees of cash flow for the project. In a take-or-pay contrac

03 September, 2013

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Wet Lease Agreements: Ideal Solution for Start-up Airlines

A wet lease is a leasing arrangement whereby the lessor (ie, an airline or aircraft operator) provides an aircraft, along with its crew (either complete or only cockpit crew), maintenance and insurance (both hull and third-party liability), to a lessee (i

09 January, 2010

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Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance Country Report: Turkey in the year 2012

Turkey, even restructured its banking sector several times, has still not made sufficient progress in money laundering and compliance legislation for improvement of the inspection obligations. In particular due to its location bridging Europe to Asia attr

01 January, 2010

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