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Open Source Licensing and Turkish Law

Open source is a type of licensing agreement that allows users to freely modify a creative work, use such work in variety of ways, and integrate the work into a larger project that intends to create a new creative work or derive a new work based on the or

01 August, 2019

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Legal Update: Sixty-one (61) companies in 2019 were granted “International Trading Company” status by Communique of International Trading Companies.

Many joint stock companies operating in the field of international trade in Turkey, initiate necessary proceedings to acquire International Trading Company Status in order to benefit from its’ privileges and/incentives.

01 August, 2019

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Turkey’s Data Protection Authority Ruled on Using Google’s G- Mail Services

Turkish Data Protection Board (“Board”) issued decisions on its website of the Turkish Data Protection Authority (“Authority”) on July 17, 2019.

26 July, 2019

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Technology Licensing under Turkish Law

Technology licenses are generally transferred through private law contracts under Turkish Law. They are commonly used in business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, joint venture agreements and research collaboration agreements

22 July, 2019

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Intellectual Property Rights in M&A Transactions

Intellectual property plays pivotal role in M&A transactions and considered a driving force behind the majority of M&A transactions around the world.

22 July, 2019

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Data Protection and Street Interviewing

Turkish Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (the "Law") entered into force on April 7th, 2016 and the Data Protection Authority (the "Authority") was established at the end of 2016 as an independent authority to fulfil the requirements under the Law.

08 July, 2019

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How to Construe Contractual Penalty Clauses in Turkish Law

Penalty clauses in Turkish Law are stipulated under the Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098 and dated 04.02.2011 (“TCO”).

05 July, 2019

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Electronic General Assembly: Amplifying the Shareholder Activism

Shareholders use substantial portion of their shareholding rights through general assembly meetings.

26 June, 2019

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United States Foreign Corruption Act: An Extraterritorial Legislation to be Aware of

Like the Sarbannes Oxley Act of 2002, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (“FCPA”) was a reactionary legislation.

10 June, 2019

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Corporate Governance and Technology Firms: A necessity or Burden?

Legislators generally designate corporate governance rules for public companies to ensure the protection of the shareholders and in some circumstance’s stakeholders. However, corporate governance may be substantial to the tech startups that in need of f

24 May, 2019

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