22 Jan

HERDEM is proud to announce the launch of “HERDEM Roundtable Series: TTIP” providing an opportunity for a more in-depth discussion on key issues in frame of the controversial impacts of the proposed free trade agreement between EU and the United States moving towards a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

HERDEM brings together academics, industry experts, business owners, policy makers, regulatory authorities, incorporations, interested parties and those who consider this to be an important topic for their business and trade relations with EU and the United States.

HERDEM Roundtable Series: TTIP is the first one in Turkey to focus on this issue, drawing both from legal and industry knowledge but also on challenges of international trading with EU and the United States under the principles of Rule of Law.

The pre-launching of “HERDEM Roundtable Series: TTIP” will take place both in Istanbul and Ankara with participation of policy makers, academics and practitioners from wide range of industries including but not limited to aviation, aerospace, health, energy, technology in near future.

We believe that the entities which consider the impact of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership at this stage will be well placed against the inevitable compliance disputes during their activities and avoid some of the pitfalls associated with implementations of TTIP.

Follow us through our website and on Twitter (@herdemco) for further announcements.

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