HERDEM360 3rd Round: ‘Information Technologies and Industrial Cooperation’

co-hosted by

HERDEM Attorneys at Law and BilgeSGT

16 July 2016,  Hilton Ankara

The rapid expansion and involvement of information technologies in public services create enormous questions and opportunities for all involved and raise questions of how inter-sectoral interaction shall be structured and what crosses the red line of national interests.

As high-tech is involved in combatting ICT based threats in cyber issues and opportunities in ICT procurement in countries with old technologies, questions arise as to how the inter-sectoral interaction and procurement progresses can and should develop and implement. What legal obstacles should be considered and how can it be improved, and how can industrial cooperation sustainability be provided to develop local capabilities and what role will regulatory authorities play.

HERDEM360’s 3rd round will cover the nexus of policy, regulatory and business, perspectives and discuss operating and doing transactions in ICT related government services.

The meeting will include a discussion platform between high profile public and private representatives and built on the concept of ’inter-sectoral interaction’ which lies at the heart of the new approaches in procurement of national interest related goods and services and will discuss the risks and challenges in the ICT industry of public services and highlight the trends from the perspective of national and multinational contractors, policy makers, public authorities and SMEs.

Topics will include

New Generation ICT Technologies

Big Data and Analytics

Digitilization in Public Services and Service Procurement

Local and Foreign Industry Cooperation, Technology Transfers and Research and Development

Cyber Security

Comparative Turkish and U.S. Cyber Security Legislation

In General; Defense Industry Security, Data Protection Law, Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2014, Cybersecurity Act, Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act, Cyber Privacy Fortification Act, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, Federal Exchange Data Breach Notification Act, Data Accountability and Trust Act, Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act, Protecting Cyber Networks Act, Personal Data Notification and Protection Act, National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act, Data Security and Breach Notification Act, Consumer Privacy Protection Act,Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act, Cyberthreat Sharing Act

Some of our confirmed guests are senior executives from Ayesaş, Bites, Hitachi, Trendmicro,Turkish Air Forces…

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