Ideations explaining the reasons and the fundamentals that we are facing almost everyday on social, economical and political basis also make many social and intercommunal notions to root in our lives. There are many problems about the in-depth understanding and implementation of these unnoticed notions regarding the variability of priorities in terms of different scopes. HERDEM360 Meetings by HERDEM Attorneys at Law brings professionals together who have intellectual knowledge and experience and bring forward the global and conceptual progress about social, cultural and judicial matters by attendants with different backgrounds who want to contribute to the economic development. Different topics are opened up for discussions by peaople with various backgrounds on a breakfast or lunch table every month.

Starting in 2016, selected names will join the HERDEM360 Meetings. The chairs of audience will only be charged for meal costs and only in open doors meetings. The valuable discussions throguh the content and the networks generated by the meals are the aim of the HERDEM360 Meetings. The first meeting was held on April 30,2016 at Hilton Istanbul Hotel with the topic of ‘Sustainability and Good Law’ and high profile attendance from academic and business world.

The second meeting will focus on ‘ Localization, Indingenization and Intersectoral Partnerships’ on May 14, 2016 @Divan Hotel, Istanbul,  between 10:00-14:30 and be honored by Prof.Dr. Banu Onaral of Drexel University.

 About Prof. Dr. Banu Onaral


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