As per several announcements made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology (“the Ministry”) and Turkish Standards Institute (“TSE”),  COVID-19 Safe Production Quality Certificate (“Certificate”)  to be issued for the companies that fulfill the measures in the Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide for Industrial Organizations (“Guide”) prepared regarding the measures for the continuation of the production of industrial enterprises in a controlled social life period. In this context, it is stated that companies wishing to obtain the relevant Certificate must first fill in the documents on the TSE's website and submit to the TSE. Following the declaration of conformity that the measures within the scope of the guide are taken, a compliance inspection will be carried out by the TSE. It is stated that the companies that have obtained the Certificate to be issued by the TSE can use the TSE logo prepared specifically for the Certificate on their products, documents and publications, and thus, it is aimed to restore the trust of the consumer. In addition, a range of European Standards (EN) and ISO / IEC standards applicable for the medical devices and personal protective equipment considered to benefit the fight with the pandemic have been made accessible online for free including the TSE, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

As per the related announcements, in addition to the certification for the measures taken in the production facilities, it was stated that the Healthy Tourism Certification Program was established as the tourism season has started and that the Certificate could be given to the tourism facilities which applies health standard suggestions made by the Ministry. Compliance inspection of these facilities will be carried out by the certification bodies authorized to issue a Healthy Tourism Certificate. It has been stated that, by publishing the names of the facilities that have received the Certificate, which has been periodically subjected to hygiene and health inspections, via the website of the relevant ministry, it is aimed to increase the guest capacity during the pandemic.


Deniz Çelikkaya