Aerospace, Defense and Government Contracts

    HERDEM represents many A&D companieson their legal and compliance issues in Turkey, including those listed on Fortune 500 and Defense Top 100 from different jurisdictions and we have also provided legal and commercial guidance on some of our client’s expansion and/or M&A activities.
    HERDEM’s aerospace and defense industry team has extensive experience helping local and multinational corporations on matters before government agencies (MSB and SSB) and we also have significant emphasis on helping them achieve practical, workable solutions to complex contractual and regulatory situations.

    We have an extensive know-how on export controls regulations on the transfer of goods, technology, software, services, and information to foreign nationals and foreign destinations. Moreover, our expertise includes in-depth knowledge and expertise in export control permits and licenses, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations, Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
    On the regulatory side, we also offer specialized services advising and supporting clients on export control permits and licenses, and agency and brokering permits.
    HERDEM's team understands the legal and policy considerations that affect export control matters and the agency’s procedures that drive regulatory interpretations, decision-making, and enforcement. Our understanding of economic sanctions programs and the often-complex way they overlap with export controls regulations enhances the value we provide to our clients.

    Our firm’s Aerospace and Defense practice has also vast experience in handling numerous matters related to industrial cooperation programs both for military and civil purposes and our offering also extends to commercial aspects such as structuring, drafting and negotiating contracts.

    “Named national experts in Defense & Security Procurement in three consecutive years” Getting the Deal Through

    “Best advisors in law making process of offset programs especially in civil area” A representative of an international association advising governments and corporations on industrial cooperation programs

    Our Areas Of Focus:
    • Government Relations and Contracts for Military Acquisitions
    • Ownership and Protection of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfers,
    • Vetting Local Partners and handling changes in government guidelines,
    • Cooperative Research and Development Business
    • Export and Trade Control Restrictions, ITAR, EAR issues,
    • Govtech Acquisition and Ventures
    • Cybersecurity, Data Security & Privacy
    • Technology Control
    • Compliance