International Trade

    As the world changes, dynamics and the rules of the trade evolves indispensably with close impact to business world. From Biotech and SciTech companies to defense and security, HERDEM assists incorporations and the government authorities against the pitfalls associated with implementation of international trading rules.
    Companies need to overcome the most challenging barriers to international business with reliable advisor who know their way around. We have an extensive know-how on international trade laws on movement of goods, technology, software, services, and information to foreign nationals and foreign destinations.
    Moreover, our expertise includes in-depth knowledge and expertise in export control permits and licenses, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations, Export Administration Regulations (EAR) which are known for rapid change and aggressive enforcement.
    We combine our knowledge and capabilities with a deep technical and policy expertise in areas including;


    “In a territory with rapidly changing economic sanctions, export controls and regulations; we trust non other than HERDEM’s knowledge” A holding company headquartered in Turkey doing business around the world.

    Our Areas Of Focus:
    • Export controls
    • Economic sanctions
    • International trade negotiations and trade agreements
    • Foreign acquisitions, mergers, and investment
    • Global trade policies and regulations
    • National security
    • Anti-money laundering