HERDEM Attorneys at Law (“HERDEM“) assists individuals and entities in resolving disputes, safeguarding their future and enhancing opportunities. Our legal team is able to provide required legal services in the most professional manner. We prioritize to analyze the matter diligently before the engagement in order to inform the clients about predicted results at each stage of the representation. In addition, we contribute to our clients with beneficial insights related to their area. HERDEM values building long term relationship with clients. As their “trusted advisor”, we keep our clients updated with each and every development that may affect their future strategies.

    HERDEM offers premium legal services with reasonable fees. We are always transparent and fair about our fees. We make all details of the cost estimates available for our clients, so that they can remain in control of their budget.

    We have represented many clients from Fortune 500 companies, government enterprises and agencies to mid-size/ small-size companies which have business in various industry areas such as technology, aviation, life science, steel, aerospace and defense.

    Client-Lawyer Relationship:

    HERDEM adopts independence as a principle in its professional work. Hence, we avoid any manner that would harm this principle. We abide ourselves by the decisions of our clients regarding objectives of the representation. We may advise our legal opinion to the client as a possible outcome of the dispute. However, such opinions can’t be regarded as certain in any circumstances. We undertake that personal data:

    • shall be dealt in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish Attorneyship Law or any other binding legislation; and
    • shall only be processed for the purposes of the work and in accordance with the data subject’s rights.

    These documents will be kept in our files (except for the documents that you asked to receive back and are not subject to our lien) for a fixed period of time depending on the nature of the work.

    We expect no claim to arise. Nevertheless, if a client brings a claim against HERDEM it shall be dealt in accordance with our Complaints Procedure. In case of a claim which requires us to notify our Professional Indemnity insurers, Complaints Procedure may need to be varied. You shall be informed about the situation on such an occasion. Please contact us to learn more about Complaints Procedure.