Turkish Employment Agency (“İŞKUR”) has recently issued the Amending Regulation on Active Work Force published in the Official Gazette numbered 31289 dated October 30, 2020 (“Regulation”), adding provisional article 9 relating to support the public services carried out to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Accordingly, during the course of COVID-19 outbreak, a Public Work Program (“TYP”) for the chauffeur profession may be organized to support the public services of the Ministry of Health and its affiliated and related organizations and their provincial organizations with regard to their activities to combat the outbreak.


The Regulation on Active Work Force published in the Official Gazette numbered 28585 dated March 12, 2013, has been in effect to protect and increase the employment, enhance the qualities of unemployed, and determine the principles and procedures relating to the execution of services carried out by İŞKUR. Accordingly, a TYP may be organized in certain situations in collaboration with public institutions and organizations, and NGOs. TYP targets short-term employment and training of the unemployed directly or through contracting for public works in the periods of intense unemployment. These activities are generally performed to prevent the registered unemployed from joblessness for longer periods and ending up in financial difficulties, losing their work habits and discipline, and provide their short-term employment and training in the periods of financial crisis, privatization, financial structuring, natural disasters, and intense unemployment.

What are the regulated fields of TYPs?

-Environmental cleaning,

-Renewal of public infrastructure,

-Environmental planning for schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education,

-Restoration, and protection of historic and cultural heritage,

-Planting, parking, and improvement of valley and stream.

What is the duration of TYPs?

Duration of TYP cannot be longer than nine months per year. In case of re-organization of a TYP with the same institution/agency, participants can take part in the TYP again in the event of positive feedback by the cooperated institution/agency and approval of the provincial directorate.

What are the conditions for participation in TYPs?

-Being unemployed and registered to the İŞKUR,

-Being 18 or older,

-Not receiving retirement, disability, widows, or orphans’ pension,

-Not being a student except open education.

What are expenses that can be met within the scope of TYPs?

-Minimum wage,

-Social security and general health insurance premiums.

Ezgi Ceren Aydoğmuş