Herdem 360

    “Conversation, is what builds trust and understanding.”

    The idea is rather simple; no phones, business cards or, titles just some good food and a conversation.

    It is getting harder to have a productive conversation around subjects that matter in today’s world. Although there are a lot of different voices and ideas, individuals can hardly find a place to share their ideas to
    contribute to the solutions around the subjects and problems freely.

    HERDEM 360 brings professionals from different backgrounds together who have intellectual knowledge and experience, then put them on a real-time communication with ease through an open dialogue where everyone is equal in a relaxed and free

    Causality is the way we come together with a nice meal.

    WHAT ?

    Out-of-box Thinking...

    HERDEM 360 aims to create an environment in which all participants can think and speak comfortably. Like-minded professionals can utilize HERDEM 360 to expand business opportunities. It is a unique way of professional collaboration experience without any idea barriers.

    Inspirational Stories....

    We aim to bring broader range of stories together instead of limiting the conversation among people who have similar backgrounds. Once we create an inspirational setup, even like-minded professionals from
    similar industries have much to share.
    HERDEM 360 is an incubation of new stories.


    We have formed a unique networking hub in which our focus is the experience. Each HERDEM 360 occasion is similar but different. Every set up is shaped according to the topic, attendees and outcomes expected. The overall setup is our hidden moderator for perfect
    experience to live & share

    WHY ?


    consits not only of the information

    How To Think


    The value of the HERDEM 360 is in the conversation itself. Every invitee will be encouraged to contribute to conversations. We aim to bring broader range of ideas together instead of limiting the conversation
    between like-minded people who have similar backgrounds and/or
    professions. Everyone has a voice and every opinion matters. Different minds can help expand our horizons and open our minds to new ideas and possibilities.

    Focus Attention

    Focus Attention

    Meetings without a focus usually result with getting off track. Therefore, before the meal, the discussion topic of the table will be send to the invitees where they can come to the meal ready to talk about the specific topic. Hosts will formulate questions for the table to ensure the quality of the conversation. There is no right or wrong answer so the invitees can relax while sharing their ideas without worrying about being too politically correct.

    What we have discussed?


    Where Does Talent Transfer Stand in Globalization? Intendment of Law: Is Hacking Legal or Illegal?
    Customized Commercialization Strategies in Emerging Technologies in Your Business;
    Modernization versus Civilization and more...