Unleash the Power of Defense Innovation at Defendtech Symposium!

    Attention defense industry leaders, innovators, and experts! Defendtech Symposium is set to revolutionize the landscape of defense through a groundbreaking event in the heart of Ankara, Turkey.

    Elevate Your Defense Strategies: ITAR and Sanctions Mastery

    In an ever-evolving global landscape, mastering International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and navigating complex sanctions is paramount. Defendtech Symposium brings together the brightest minds in defense technology to share insights, strategies, and innovations that will shape the future of international defense collaboration.

    Key Highlights:

    1. Expert Speaker Lineup: Engage with renowned experts, thought leaders, and industry veterans who will share their expertise on ITAR compliance, sanctions management, and cutting-edge defense technologies.

    2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with key players in the defense industry, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities that will drive innovation and growth.

    3. Global Perspectives: Gain insights into international defense policies, challenges, and opportunities, and discover how mastering ITAR and sanctions can enhance your organization's global presence.

    Meet Our Distinguished Key Speakers at Defendtech Symposium:

    1. Safak Herdem
    2. Tim O'Toole
    3. William Barry
    4. Laura Deegan