Herdem's Team recently organized a legal seminar for the International Alliance of Practicing Lawyers (IAPL) on various legal practices followed in Turkish law firms. The seminar aimed to provide insights into the nuances of the Turkish legal system and highlighted the latest trends and developments in the field.

    The seminar covered a broad range of topics, including compulsory alternative dispute resolution (ADR), cost sanctions, and security measures in the Turkish legal system. The participants were given a detailed overview of the legal framework governing these aspects of the Turkish legal system, including relevant statutes, regulations, and case law.

    One of the main areas of focus during the seminar was compulsory ADR, which is a relatively recent development in Turkish law. The seminar covered the various methods of ADR available in Turkey, such as mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. The speakers explained the benefits of using ADR and how it can help parties resolve disputes more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional litigation.

    Another important topic covered during the seminar was cost sanctions. The speakers emphasized the need for clients to understand the costs associated with legal proceedings and the potential sanctions they may face if they fail to comply with court orders. They also provided practical tips on how law firms can help their clients minimize their exposure to costs.

    The seminar proved to be a great success, with a lively debate between the IAPL members on the various legal practices. The participants shared informative insights into how legal practices vary between different jurisdictions, which helped to broaden their understanding of the legal system across the globe.