The Ministry of Trade has recently issued the Amending Regulation on Warranty Certificate which will enter into force on January 1, 2021. The regulation adds a new term permanent data storage instrument and brings out new provisions for the sake of consumer protection.

Accordingly, permanent data storage instrument is defined as all kinds of tool or instrument such as short messaging, electronic post, internet, CD, DVD, memory card etc. that enables to reach directly the information sent to the consumer, and to record the information in a way to suffice examination of the information for a reasonable time and pursuant to its purpose and to copy the information without change. As per the Regulation, manufacturers and importers may give the warranty certificates to consumers with permanent data storage instruments or in writing. To highlight, the Regulation stipulates that, warranty certificates to be issued by manufacturers and importers for consumers shall be written in an understandable language, and in a clear, simple, and readable manner.

Following to the Regulation, warranty certificates to be given with a permanent data storage instruments will not require to include signature and stamp of the authorized person. In addition, in contracts that are established in distance, warranty certificates to be given consumers will not require to include as follows:

- Seller’s title, address, telephone and other contact information, and signature and stamp of the authorized person.

- Date and number of the invoice,

-Date and place of the delivery.


Ezgi Ceren Aydoğmuş