We are a law firm, partnering with our clients “To Respond Together” to the legal problems that they face with. We also partner with our community “To Respond Together” to the problems that our society face.

    We have multi-layered Social Responsibility Program:

    We work with research institutes, aerospace & defense companies, technology transfer offices, universities day to day. Supporting education, especially in technology, is one of the layers of HERDEM’s Social Responsibility Projects.

    Right to inclusion of a person is quite important especially for disabled people. We know how important it is is  in every aspect of our lifes. We have been working with charities and NGOs to support disabled people's inclusion in civil and business societies.

    Being a good citizen is our catch-all layer. Simple and short, when we see that we can make a difference, we make a difference.

    Charity Support Project

    HERDEM supports Ahtopot Gönüllüleri Charity. They say “Do not Complain, take action”. We will always be in action and in support of charities which wants make different.

    Movie Theater for Disabled People

    HERDEM prouds to fund the construction of a movie theatre designed specially for disabled people.