Turkey has recently introduced the military grants list for the year 2021 with the Presidential Decree of 3079. Accordingly, the monetary limit for grants to friendly or allied countries and public or private institutions and organizations in those countries without signing an agreement for the year 2021 is determined as 40 million Turkish liras. The grants are not limited to items only but also covers the services. The grants of the listed items and services require the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Items and services on grants list are as follows:

Weapons and ammunition and their spare parts,

Food and beverage supplies,

Military clothing and fabric, fiber, etc. textile materials (which are not subject to control list)

Personal equipment materials (backpack, ammunition vest, composite helmet, flask, snowshoes, ski set, etc., which are not subject to control list.)

Vehicles that cannot be assembled on weapons (passenger cars, service and cargo vehicles, ambulances, etc.) and their spare parts,

Medication. pharmaceutical raw materials and medical consumables (except those sold with green prescriptions)

Health devices, equipment, and their spare parts,

Marching band supplies.

Live animals (horse, dog etc.) and their food and care supplies,

Office and stationery supplies,

Flooring and fixtures,

Sports equipment and gym equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.),

Cleaning and disinfectant consumables,

Computer, printer, scanner, and consumables,

Television, projector, telephone (without encryption), transmitter device and photocopy machine and their spare parts (which are not subject to control list)

Training and training materials,

Textile machinery and spare parts that can be used in the sewing house,

Unofficial military publications, books, magazines, and brochures,

Machinery and equipment used in kitchens and their spare parts,

Plates, glasses, jugs, such as chrome steel, glass, porcelain and so on. tableware,

Complete generator and spare parts,

All kinds of clothing materials, equipment, swords, and rapier, which have no historical value and requested for display,

Map printed on paper and in digital media (except those classified),

Technical equipment and materials used for search and rescue purposes,

Fuel and oil (for those visiting Turkey for exercise task purposes; working under emergency conditions and foreign sea, land and air vehicles in Turkey or abroad working on behalf of Turkey)

Ground and fuel services for foreign air vehicles working on behalf of Turkey located at airports both in Turkey and abroad

Gases (oxygen, acetylene etc.),

Boats (plastic, inflatable, plexiglass, wood, metal, etc.).

Paint and chemical material (except explosives),

Spare parts for marine vehicles (with / without motor) and aircraft (aircraft, helicopters, UAVs etc.)

Navigation (sea / air) devices, equipment, and spare parts thereof,

All kinds of non-military land, sea and air vehicle which will not be used actively and support equipment for those requested for exhibition or training supplement purposes. 

Consultancy maintenance and repair services,

Providing expert team and material support for the purpose of discovery and cleaning of mined areas, discovery of explosives / suspicious objects and making them harmless,

UAVs, drones, and anti-drones,

Ships and platforms that are out of service,

Transportation service in disasters and emergencies, search and rescue and incident rescue activities and the transportation service of those activities, logistics of granted items, transportation services for the transportation of foreign military personnel for training and exercise purposes

Prefabricated buildings, tents, blankets, food, and heating materials used in disaster and emergency situations,

Lighting devices,

Diving equipment (tube, diving suit, mask, etc.).


Şafak Herdem